25 thoughts on “This morning, at KUR Headquarters”

  1. Whoah all my favorite women – except for the one that’s not inthere!! ;-) I think I’ll wet myself! Erh… that didn’t come out right…
    Un beso muy grande para ti! :-)

  2. Proficiat , man.

    En voor mij die met haar handen op haar beide wangen.’k Neem aan dat je “dit” op je leeftijd nu kan bestellen zoals je een pêche melba bestelt.

  3. …and sometimes a smoke is just a smoke”, but never in your case, Barry, happy many, or many happy returns for your wonderful day! Have a beer, have two…ah why not a case!

    BURT a’reekin’

  4. Beer for all! Tournée générale! Bier für alle! Birra per tutti! Una cervesa para todos! Csaklotkly çö Stella boldog! *cough cough – man these cigars are killing me*

  5. feliz cumpleaniiiios te deseamos el duo dinamico desde estas pampas americanas sureniiias !!!!!

    (lease desde el culo del mundo)

  6. Did somebody say beer?? Am I too late? And are those real cigars or sears cigars? Hope it was great fun, Barry… may your hangover be not too severe…

  7. hey man! happy happy happy birthday! I can imagine:
    going to the supermarket to buy a couple of boxes full of Grimbergen and eating all over the place to save food back at home.

    hope to see you soon

  8. and now in spanish:

    ¡feliz cumpleaños!! espero que lo hayan celebrado como se merece, gastando forros (ja! JUAAAAN QUE DECIS???)

    te mando un beso (de varon) y desde ya me rio de solo pensar en Gaby traduciendo esto al ingles ;)

  9. Thanks for the good wishes all!

    Joy: I understood all of that except for the “gastando forros” – wait ’til I ask Ga to translate!
    Attu: well it wasn’t Dolly Parton, I can tell you that…

  10. Joy’s comment, translated:
    “Happy birthday! I hope you have celebrated appropriately, reading and interpreting the bible while sipping from a glass of decaf holy water.
    I’m sending you a kiss (BIG and WET) and I’m pretty sure later, Gaby will make an exact translation of my comment. She is a hyper-intellectual person who knows an incredible amount of languages after all…”

  11. Congrats Barry, all the best. Wow, looks like fun living at KUR headquaters. Any appartments vacant for the moment?

  12. oh my! I can’t believe it! I strongly demand the intervention of the NATO in order to quickly solve this impropelio!!

    I’m NOT sending wet and big kisses but male kisses, which, of course, are totally figurative and metaphorical.

    Sharleena, we HAVE to talk right the way!

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