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Church And State

The quintessential characteristic of true democracy is separation of church and state.

On The Day Of The Dead…

It’s late but I wanted to pass this along: FZ on censorship.
Also: VOTE!

Florida Vaudeville

Within four days of the US elections, some 58.000 posting ballots have gone missing in the Florida county that gave Gore his biggest margin in 2000. Baffling.

Fahrenheit 911 Download

Crikey! Grab your free download of Fahrenheit 911 right over here, it’s available in just about any format.

Tax Man

It’s official: Belgian customs hate my guts. Having purchased a couple of books from Amazon, I once again have to pay up — 13.42 € this time, which is about half the price of my purchase. The kicker: some 8 € were charged for “administration costs”. Catch 22 anyone? Perhaps next time I should order at amazon UK. Oh, and yes: the Doctor is a big Groucho Marx fan! ;)

Michigan State Uni ’74

Good morning! Did you miss your dose of Friday Goodness? Weep no more as we invite you to Part One of East Lansing, MI State Uni, 11/23/74. (A big thank you to those who were kind enough to make a donation.)

In Their Own Words

A message from G Dubya. Next: A message from Uncle Frank. And then some.

It’s National Security Stupid

“You are not authorised to view this page” but if you desperately want to, use the alternative addresses supplied here.
I for one will be keeping my big nose ( not to mention my yellow teeth ) out of it.

Wanna Bun?

Election Sandwich Specials. “Weapons of ass destruction: Heavily advertise a bean, tabasco, jalapeno wrap. Then, if someone comes in and orders it, tell them that you can’t find the ingredients.”

Later Bush!

This just popped up in my Google Ads: Later Bush! — “an open web log you can use to express yourself.” Funny stuff, although some people – Dems and Reps alike – seem to think international capslock day lasts a year.

Vote. Early. Often.

Making the switch: stories from people who voted Bush in 2000 and will vote Kerry next Tuesday. Bush, Kerry and brand association. So far 125 US newspapers officially endorse Kerry, including at least 35 that had endorsed Bush in 2000. The New Yorker makes its first political endorsement in 80 years – pro Kerry. Who will you vote for? The Brits for one, are willing to fill you in. (And remember, when in Florida…)

Peel’s Final Session

John Peel, “maker and breaker” of bands, legendary BBC DJ whose radio-sessions included just about anybody from Cpt. Beefheart to David Bowie to The White Stripes, died from a heart attack earlier today. (Guardian coverage)

Photoshopping The Wall

The Wall - Photoshopped
What happens when you strip away a movie’s title and replace it with a literal description of what its movie poster looks like?

Exit Zappa Patio

BossK has taken the Zappa Patio offline, leaving FZ-fans without the invaluable bootleg discography it provided. Says the editor: “I apologize for taking it offline but it WILL BE BACK” (although no longer maintained by him). (Hat tip: SOFA)

Peer To Peer Heaven

My bittorrent woes have come to a grinding halt by 1) installing Azureus and 2) opening the appropriate ports on my machine. Currently enjoying Neil Young at the NYC Bottom Line, May 16 ’74. Peer to peer heaven!