Halloween At The Palladium

I know at least one person who’ll be happy with this week’s Friday Boot: an early Halloween show at the Palladium, NYC – 28 Oct 1978.

5 Responses to “Halloween At The Palladium”

  1. vrnzr says:

    …wow, more than one for sure (…well, at least one more person ;-) )!! Thanks, Gilles & Barry !!

  2. Jeff says:

    thank you thank you thank you thank you ………….

  3. Muffin says:

    Halloween and FZ – never a bad thing. Thanks.

  4. xorg says:

    I know this is probably heresy but I think the Orchestra Spaziale performance is more interesting…

  5. Grizzly says:

    Nice one – THANK YOU!!!!

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