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I Heart New York

::NYC protests on the eve of the Rep. Convention
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Quaudiophiliac Tracklist

With thanks to Le Monde journalist Sylvain Siclier’s comment a couple posts back, here’s the tracklist for Quaudiophiliac:
* * * *
01 Naval Aviation in Art?
02 Lumpy Gravy
03 Rollo
04 Drooling Midrange Accountants on Easter Hay
05 Wild Love
06 Ship Ahoy
07 Chunga Basement
08 Venusion Time Bandits
09 Waka/Jawaka
10 Basement Music #2
* * * *
From the french press-release: “QuAUDIOPHILIAc is the Holy Grail (…) for Zappa fans and completists around the world, presenting previously unreleased tracks alongside re-mixed and re-edited material from the huge FZ back-catalogue, from Lumpy Gravy and Chungas Revenge to Sheik Yerbouti, Joes Garage and Shut Up N Play Yer Guitar all in spectacular Quadrophonic Surround!”


While I’m wasting my time noodling with the FZ Gig List, booge comes up with a truly revolutionary deVICE — has to be seen to be believed!


…sunday link: Top Ten Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics Of All Time. (via attu)

Weekend Edition

Good morning! Some various bits and pieces to keep you occupied during the weekend: Mike Keneally has launched featuring “non-stop streaming audio featuring music from all of my albums (including titles long out of print), unreleased live and studio recordings, collaborations with other artists, demos and alternate mixes, schoolchildren singing Keneally songs and, I think, more!”. Go rip him off! You might also enjoy a complete live broadcast of italian band Orchestra Spaziale performing Zappa (grazie evaristo)! Lastly, I’m transcribing an interview Dweezil Zappa had with Sound On Sound Magazine (Sept issue) about the technical side of things at The Vault – many thanks to Ian for sending me the scans. Class dismissed!

Halloween At The Palladium

I know at least one person who’ll be happy with this week’s Friday Boot: an early Halloween show at the Palladium, NYC – 28 Oct 1978.

Silly me

I just noticed the Chrome Dinette is serving Joe’s Corsage this month! I’m listening to it as i type this. Sound is very good so far, hurry up and give it a go!

He’s got it!

His first taste of big city life…Ain’t that cute?

On Moving And Testicle Crushing

Service Announcement. I’m back at work now, and the company I work for is in the process of moving to another city. Hence: no internet connection for the better part of this week – posting is going to be scarce. I will of course be monitoring comments and such from home, making spammers’ shit rise up to kiss them where possible. In the meantime, here’s some ways by which you can crush your own testicles in your own home. Thank me not.


It figures.
I go on holiday for a week, and stuff happens at the ZFT.
GZ: “Not a hunch, not a rumor. We have announced a DVD-Audio release. It is scheduled for a street date of 14 September on DTS label. It is surround sound and is made up of tracks originally mixed/recorded by FZ during the 70’s. It is essentially an audio documentary of ideas by FZ about quad and 4 channel mixes and multichannel recordings. Dweezil tweezed these items into a full on program now entitled QuAUDIOPHILIAc. Obviously, it will not translate on ordinary radio.” Can you say “petite wazoo“?
(artwork via FrenchPowered)

Zomby woof

Having seen Napolean Murphy Brock play with The Grandmothers, it is something of a surprise to find that he may be one of the walking dead. Well at least it didn’t affect his playing, this being the era of Apostrophe, and Roxy and Elsewhere.

Les Vacances de Mr. Barry Part Deux

Ladies and gents, I am now off for a week of holidays. Catch you later!

Montpellier Redux

I’ve made Part Two of Montpellier ’88 available for 7 more days because a) it was only up for 4 days the first time ’round courtesy of the B-word and b) I was too lazy to prepare another boot this week :)


Real, unmanipulated examples of Scrabble-tile-choosing ineptitude, hands so mind-bogglingly unfair in their horribleness that pictures just had to be taken. Hey, he could’ve made GEMS with this one!