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Meanwhile, in Utah

Polygamy, anyone? Come on girls, you know it benefits women! And there’s always room for more.

Any Downers?

Read up on the Forbidden Library and be confronted with list after list of banned or challenged books. For me, this one really topped it all: the book “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl” was called for rejection in 1983 by the Alabama State Textbook Committee “because it is a real downer”. (via presurfer)

What’s Up Doc?

Of course you’re not the kind of person to lust over animated cartoon girls, but anyway

Bleep Bleep Bleep

120 years of electronic musical instruments. First mention of the Synclavier as early as 1975. Prize for silliest name of an electronic instrument: the Composer-Tron. (“It sounds really good, but I’d add some Composer-Tron into the mix.”)

Zappa Of The Month Club

LA Times: “Not Just In It For the Money” (subscr. req.). A notable quote: “The details are still being worked out, but Gail Zappa, Frank’s widow, says that the concept is pretty simple. Fans will pay an annual fee (probably around $100) and receive a set number of new releases each year (probably five), some of which will not be available elsewhere. Subscribers will have some level of choice as to what titles they receive from an ever-expanding catalog, and will also likely get bonus material and other special merchandise.”


Three years of Hot Poop (you might wanna click the above graphic for full view)! Kill Ugly Radio’s Staff couldn’t be more excited, and we hope you feel the same. While we uncork the Dom Perignon, here are some of Hot Poop’s greatest highlights we deemed worthy of unearthing from the dark grey depths that are the archives. For them to grow to be highlights dear reader, more than once had to do with your invaluable input. So whip out the proverbial chicken and rub the circular motion, as we present you with some Vintage Hot Poop:

1. KUR’s old guestbook

2. Covering Zappa

3. Naked Magician!

4. Meanwhile, lemme tell you Ive found a solution to, you know, that little problem Ive had with Under-Ease Underwear.

5. A blind psychic claims he can read peoples futures by feeling their naked buttocks

6. from Memory Hole to “spit or swallow”

7. precision processor!

8. No War.

9. Birth of the kegelmaster

10. Danish blue


12. City of Tiny Polls

13. isep kontol gua!

14. I agree with Path Metheny

15. the Crapper Poll

16. the Why Are You Here Poll

17. Defrosting The Fridge

18. Measuring The Chicken

19. Calloo and Callay

20. Joe’s Chicken

21. Search Results: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

22. Collages: YellowMudShark and Sofa, Webmaster and General Publisher of | the original HotPoop Headquarters collage| Barry’s Forehead l moonbug collage | Friday Boot

The World’s Biggest Bootlegger

“We simply cannot overestimate the scale of his operation. He probably lived a far better lifestyle than some of those he ripped off. In the international bootlegging fraternity he is a legend, a mini-god.”

The Phone

The phone can transport you to places, but you’ll need to know the numbers.

Cash in the Basement!

This is what the Joes Garage Sale is about (if the link doesn’t work, it’s in, What’s New? section). More on the link provided by SuzyCreamcheese -thanks!

Do NOT try this with latex gloves

The Lighter Side of Trach Life.


Anyone seen David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive? I have a couple of days ago, and now I’m needing to peruse this site in order to get what the hell it was all about.


Alice? Who the f* is Alice?

I Coulda Been Somebody

Marlon Brando is no more. Zeldman: “No actor since has possessed such talent and no actor ever threw so much talent away.”

Photoshopping Dubya

“I’m building a piece of art and I need every embarassing photo of Bush you can find.” Some more here.

Here Boy

Dogtoy or Marital aid: “You successfully identified 10 out of 14 items. You may be trusted with my dog.”