Another monster (some kind of…)

OK, I know, deep in our heart we all love Metallica’s St. Anger – I happen to REALLY like it – and now here’s a great parody of it (I made a corection in the link) – I could listen to it only once, second time I laughed so much, I couldn’t stand it…

And: their new documentary is finally in the movies now (here’s an article about it), so here we have as conceptual continuity: something free to download, a piece of a song, and (some kind of) monster…

Monster Road Hits LA

Those of you who live close to Los Angeles (as opposed to, oh, say Asscrack Belgium) may be interested to know that “Monster Road”, the Bruce Bickford docu, will be screening at the LA Film Festival on June 22 & 24. The normally-reclusive Amazing Mister will be in attendance, and word has it he’ll be offering some of the original clay figures from “Baby Snakes” and other assorted goodies.

Acetate Guitar Solo

The acetate version of WOIIFTM (’68) had quite a different tracklist compared to the subsequent release (see comments for full tracklist). Via Gilles, here’s track 7, rather aptly called: Guitar Solo. (And yes, Gilles, it sounds a lot like “Stinkfoot, The Prequel”)
UPDATE 14/06: I’ve put this track offline to save on bandwidth.

Frank Zappa: The Classic Interviews

From UK based Chrome Dreams comes a new FZ-release: The Classic Interviews. It comprises, guess what, interviews that Zappa did with Guitar Magazine’s Stephen Rosen. As the tapes were not meant for commercial reproduction (they only served for Rosen to write his articles – you can hear a woosh…woosh as the taperecorder rolls), the sound quality leaves, shall we say, something to be desired. But who cares! It’s great to actually hear Frank speak in that low, slightly smug, curmudgeonly voice of his, talking about xenochrony, flangers, fuzz, Oberheim small amps, Mod-o-fied Les Pauls, dbx compressors and the like, throwing around some of the quotes that have since started a life of their own (“the hardest thing for me to do is play straight up and down…”). The CD is accompanied by a 16 page booklet with some rare FZ photos and a peculiar foreword written by Rosen. In all, if you’re a Zappa-fan, you’ll need this one in your collection…

Medium Cool

Tonight, at 23:50 GMT, BBC2 is broadcasting Medium Cool (’69), a movie which may ring a bell with FZ-fans as it features quite a few Zappa songs (Oh No, Are You Hung Up, Who Needs The Peace Corps, to name but a few). Patrick Neve had this to say about it: “Admittedly, the plot thins as the action kicks in, but this is the best blurring of genres I’ve ever seen. Add to all of this a soundtrack with heavy doses of Mothers music. I seem to remember a scene with some people getting the shit kicked out of them in the street and you hear Zappa’s ‘I will love the police and they kick the shit out of me in the street…'”