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Robi Draco who???

Humor still belong in news… With his boyish good looks and muscular arms, Rosa played the Latino heartthrob, but also threw his audience a few curves. At one point he spoke of passion and love, then added, “On that note, long live Mr. Frank Zappa.” The crowd hesitated – Frank who? – then cheered anyway.

Lugo are you kidding?

In one episode of Walkman Busting, recorded in New York’s Union Square, D’Arcangelo talks to a woman listening to Brazilian Capoeira, while nearby, a couple of teenage rockers are listening to the rap metal band Korn. Someone else is listening to classical, and he recounts an amusing tale of accidentally erasing one of Frank Zappa’s demo tapes.

Shake It Shankar

Not quite the Synclavier, but… The Indian Shankar Drum Ganesh Machine!


One of the great things about being married to a South-American girl is you get to discover all sorts of music you previously hadn’t really bothered with. These days Barry Towers is bugging the neighbours not so much with Frank Zappa ditties, rather than with the mellow, seductive rhythms of bossa, samba, tango and salsa. Antonio Carlos Jobim! Celia Cruz! Caetano Veloso! Gilberto Gil! This, my friends, is music that shines with an infectious lust for life while encompassing a deliciously refined, sophisticated complexity. Havaianas para siempre! … and now back to your regular schedule

Indian of the Tribute Group

Yesterday Cosmik Debris gave a really nice show here in Budapest. Special guest (3rd time here) Mr. Jimmy Carl Black – it was fun. See the pictures of the show – and check out this band, if you can – they’re gooooood!!!! You’ll always find news about them here (and later stuff to download).

Heavy Duty Judy (heavy brass section!!!)


Inca Roads

Zomby Woof

Whipping Post

Easy Meat

Cosmik Debris

Dancin Fool


With JCB:

Big Leg Emma

Road Ladies

Poofter’s Froth Wyoming…

Trouble Every Day

Take Your Clothes Off

+ Willie The Pimp (slow reggae version, fine!)

Son of Uncle Beat

Peter (of United Mutations fame) just wrote me an email in which he makes an interesting proposal: “I like the Uncle Beat idea, but I’m allergic to compressed music, so here’s what I suggest: If you can create a relative to Uncle Beat, for lossless music sharing only, I will take part in this. (read: I will start a vine a month)”
Well how could I be against such an excellent proposition! What say ye Brethren of the Great Moustachio’d One?

Elections in Flanders

Original (Flemish) Version — © Zak, De Morgen

Zappa-alumnis here and there

G3 tour with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Robert Fripp has just started – there are rumours that Terry Bozzio joins them (this info is not really sure for me – we’ll see). And there are some news about the Indian Of The Group as well.


“Don’t waste any more of your valuable time digging deep into the depths of your soul to tell your family off. Instead, let me do all the hard work for you. You just sit back, take a load off.”–The Dysfunctional Family Letter Generator

Orwell ’04

A site where I could easily spend a couple of hours: Orwell Today is a work in progress where the postings are chosen for their similarity to concepts presented in “1984”.


You have been busted on Black Planet. Oh no!

Election Day

Your humble publisher went out to vote this morning. When he got back, this is the first disk he put on the CD-player. Your humble publisher sincerely hopes he has managed to piss off certain parties with his choice of music on this election day.

the muffin and the soul man

Has anyone seen the Muffin Men? Never mind, here some memoirs of the soul man, by Tom Fowler. Cheers!

Bandwidth Report

Current (2 days): 10.33 GB
Cycle Estimate: 154.8 GB
Estimated Charges: $854.40

A hearing for the PMRC

The infamous PMRC hearings seem to have been heard by a committee relating to commerce, science, and transportation. Since this is not supposed to have been a commercial question, and i doubt it is related to transportation, i guess this was about the science of the influence of words.

…Mtley Cre are attempting to practice in a rehearsal room in Hollywood.

“You know what’s wrong with those guys?” asks Nikki, walking off the sound- stage shaking his Revlon Blue/Black head sadly. “They have no sense of humor.”

In [sic] December 8, 6:38 p.m., a 1972 Pantera driven by Mtley Cre’s lead singer Vince Neil skidded into a lane of oncoming traffic in Redondo Beach, hitting a Volkswagen containing a 20-year old man and an 18-year-old woman. Both suffered severe injuries. Neil’s passenger, Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas Dingley, was pronounced dead en route to the hospital. Neil, who was not hurt in the accident, was arrested on charges of drunken driving and vehicular homicide. He is currently free on $2500 bail.