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Anniversary – FZ’s last performance

It’s 13 years ago today that Zappa played in Budapest with hungarian jazz-musicians. Here’s an interview with Gyula Babos, guitar player – in english, for you. He’s from the jazz world, so I think he didn’t REALLY knew FZ’s stuff, but anyway, his point of view can be interesting. By the way, our friend Grizzly made it possible to listen to this jam (except soundcheck).
You can hear the change from 3/4 to 5/4 in “Impro 2” (it was called “One of a Kind” on a bootleg) at arount 10 minutes, after the bass solo.

Bananas Revisited

“Woody Allen,” a radio interviewer says into his microphone, “You’re a film director, a musician, a scriptwriter, an actor, and a comedian… which of these roles do you prefer?”
“Yes,” Woody says succinctly.
7 (early 70’s) Interviews with Woody Allen


There won’t be a “lossless music” Uncle Beat variant. Here’s why.

Monster Road To Hit Ghent

A while ago I asked Jim Haverkamp if there was any possibility of getting to see Monster Road (see also) in Belgian theaters. He responded asking which filmfestivals he could submit the film to, so I told him about the annual Film Festival of Ghent. Jim sent a tape of “Monster Road” to the Flanders festival this week, and then, coincidentally, they wrote him inviting him in – good vibes!

Under The Bench

“Visitors to Thompson’s Creek County courtroom reported hearing a ‘swooshing’ sound coming from the bench, a noise the court reporter said sounded like a blood pressure cuff being pumped up.” Oh my.

365 Mirror

The 365 Days Project, a great source for strange/rare audio tracks that ran throughout 2003, is now available on one single big mirror-site. How these people manage to pay their bandwidth expenses is beyond me but: bless them!

Admiral Freebee

There was Neil Young in the air tonight as the Doctor and I drove out to the concert. “On The Beach”, to be exact. A beer, a hamburger, a look around, a soundcheck, and there he was: Admiral Freebee – 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (more). We got home safe, sound and feeling good.

State Of the Dubya

“I submit that George Walker Bush is the Anti-Christ!” Lovely read this, replete with biblical references, numerical code, and of course: Nostradamus. When really, all you need to do is: have a look at the facts.

Zappanale Webcast

Zappanale #15 will be webcast! Since it currently looks like KUR personnel won’t make it to Bad Doberan, this is great news. Thanks to Henry in Holland for passing it on.


Do you know where Bruce lives? Try here, and remix it!

Merry And Gay

So you’ve composed the perfect popsong. What you’ll need next is a groovy video and some snazzy choreography.

Fender Bender

Fender is planning to trademark the shape of its Stratocaster (and other models). Heh. “If Fender gets away with this, it will be catastrophic,” says John Suhr, “It’s really kind of hard in this business, because how many different ways can you make a violin? How different can we make these things look?”

It’s A Barfie Jim, But Not As We (Etc)

Do you hear that sound?
That is TheBigNote door opening on a whole bunch more exciting new opportunities to experience The Magic.


Welcome to EUROBAD ’74, an exhibition of Europe’s worst interiors of 1974. (Do not click when suffering from epilepsy)

Clue #1

Well I guess by now you’ve all had’s Barfies email. For those who haven’t, here’s the poot: “Coming right up in June (not to be interfered or confused with our schedulement of a petite Wazoo outbreak in July) to your very doorstep is the First in a bold, new, Series created at UMRK by your friendly neighborhood Vaultmeister. This is Clue #1. And this can be in your mailbox soon. It will be completely surrounded by music.” Let’s hear it believers & non-believers!