Anniversary – FZ’s last performance

It’s 13 years ago today that Zappa played in Budapest with hungarian jazz-musicians. Here’s an interview with Gyula Babos, guitar player – in english, for you. He’s from the jazz world, so I think he didn’t REALLY knew FZ’s stuff, but anyway, his point of view can be interesting. By the way, our friend Grizzly made it possible to listen to this jam (except soundcheck).
You can hear the change from 3/4 to 5/4 in “Impro 2” (it was called “One of a Kind” on a bootleg) at arount 10 minutes, after the bass solo.

Monster Road To Hit Ghent

A while ago I asked Jim Haverkamp if there was any possibility of getting to see Monster Road (see also) in Belgian theaters. He responded asking which filmfestivals he could submit the film to, so I told him about the annual Film Festival of Ghent. Jim sent a tape of “Monster Road” to the Flanders festival this week, and then, coincidentally, they wrote him inviting him in – good vibes!

Clue #1

Well I guess by now you’ve all had’s Barfies email. For those who haven’t, here’s the poot: “Coming right up in June (not to be interfered or confused with our schedulement of a petite Wazoo outbreak in July) to your very doorstep is the First in a bold, new, Series created at UMRK by your friendly neighborhood Vaultmeister. This is Clue #1. And this can be in your mailbox soon. It will be completely surrounded by music.” Let’s hear it believers & non-believers!