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Shock and awe!

Who wants to live in this world anymore? Can you pass a test, Bob, pleeeease? Yes, yes, i know. I should shut up and go do the dishes once again…

Blinked and she missed it…

The clue is in the last line (!!).

Vlaams Blog

Joeri asked for it, so here’s my humble contribution. Have to be Flemish to get this! (Hints #1, #2, #3)

Archive *This*!

There won’t be a Friday Boot this week I’m afraid. Instead, may I suggest you have a look at‘s rather huge collection of live music. No Zappa (!), but still, something there for everyone, I’m sure (teehee!).

Baby Moon Unit

Well, it seems it wasn’t easy to be a child in a family as openminded az FZ’s. It’s interesting, because his music (his bands) always means to me a kind of togetherness, a kind of care for each other, to make everyone bring his best – but it seems this mentality also brought some suffer and pain in the family. Was it his fault? Or the circumstances? Or is it only the question of a “famous father”?

Fine Arf

Ha. I want one of these! Found at Fine Arf which has an impressive collection of Dog Breed Charms (and where, rather temptingly, you can “Click for Enlargement!”).

Musicians, prizes…

What is the common between Jimmy Page, Gyrgy Ligeti (Hungarian composer), Elgar Howart (conductor of 200 Motels), B.B. King and Stig Anderson (from ABBA)? It’s the Polar Music Prize. Congratulations!

Zomby update

There might be some who didn’t notice: there are some new FZ covers on ZombyWoof’s page. Night School is my favorite from this set (not mentioning Alien Orifice) – how about yours?

The Music Nerd Test

With 38.64734% i rank as a healthy Major Music Nerd. Take the test if you were so much older then, and younger than that now…

WNYC – New Sounds

Program #2283
Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Muthers In Detroit

This week’s offering is a real treat, dating back to April 10 ’68: The Mothers at The Grande Ballroom, Detroit (courtesy of Gilles). Enjoy, and don’t forget to eat your greens…

6A Dummy Up

Gee, thanks Moveable Type. Introductory price for MT 3 Personal Edition: $69,95 – which allows me to have 3 authors and 5 weblogs. I currently have 6 weblogs and about 10 authors contributing which means I’d have to cough up $149,95 to upgrade. Guess I’ll just stick with my current install – although Textpattern suddenly looks very tasty…


Here are some Zappoid moustaches. Strange list… Anyone knows Roy Harper? – he’s a favorite singer of mine, great guy; check out his homepage. Some say: “The UK’s answer to Zappa (politically, rather than musically)”. Well well…

Boulez Conducts Zappa

The Perfect Stranger is being radiated this month by the good ol’ Chrome Dinette. I’m listening to it right now for the first time ever. It’s the kind of stuff you have to listen to without doing anything else. I think i’ll ask Mortimer, the buttler, to take all my calls…

Boot Art

Uni-Muta’s latest newsletter once again provides an interesting read. Some of the bootleg artwork there looks like it could’ve been made by Dr Sharleena! (Only, she would have done a much better job ;-)