In Nieppe

Today was quite adventurous (Aujourd’hui c’tait l’aventure!)! Well sort of (Bin, plus ou moin). We crossed the border to Nieppe, France, to pick up a DVD containing FZ’s appearances on Saturday Night Live. If there’s sufficient interest (s’il y a suffisemment d’intrt), I could make a vine out of this (je pourrais en faire une chenille)… What say ye (qu’en dites-vous?)?

5 Responses to “In Nieppe”

  1. Bálint says:

    Ooh!… I can only say, what Larry (the Dwarf) said when asked… (you know what): YESSSSSS!!!!!!

  2. Bobo says:

    Got a 4 min movie of FZ conducting this SNL band, love to see the rest of it…
    Mais, qu’est ce c’est, soudian le KUR est une site bilingue? Dites-moi, c’est une stratégie demonic pour évincer certaines personnes de qui nous ne parlons pas? Chouette!

  3. Muffin says:

    Mais oui. Vine it. Merci.

  4. Barry says:

    Okay, so I’ll put this up for a vine in the near future – will need some time since my DVD-writer is giving me headaches lately…

  5. Wannabeard says:

    Yaargh no hablo el francés rediós! But yess please. Looking forward to it

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