Baby Moon Unit

Well, it seems it wasn’t easy to be a child in a family as openminded az FZ’s. It’s interesting, because his music (his bands) always means to me a kind of togetherness, a kind of care for each other, to make everyone bring his best – but it seems this mentality also brought some suffer and pain in the family. Was it his fault? Or the circumstances? Or is it only the question of a “famous father”?

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  1. Oops Balint, looks like a stole your thunder, posting my entry right after yours! Sorry ’bout that :-) On topic: I suppose most kids want desperately to fit in with their peers while growing up — so having an unconformist family (or anything that sets them apart from their peers for that matter) would constitute a bit of a nightmare to them. I wonder how I would’ve felt having a dad who’s most known for singing about titties ‘n beer, towers of power, stinky feets, and what have you… Actually, I think I would’ve absolutely loved it!

  2. Maybe Frank wasn’t the “traditional father”, and maybe Moon is or was a little messed up, but it appears she is doing all right for herself.

    “Now aged 36, Moon Unit – who prefers to be called Moon – is a successful actress, comedian, sculptor and writer.”

    Is she successful because of her talents, or because of her funky name and relationship with dad? Either way, one would think that Frank had a hand in her “success”…as unconventional as his parenting skills may have been. So even if she is messed up, at least she is successfully messed up.

  3. I note that she is quoted as saying ” I spent hours locked away in my room…..”

    Presumably little sister Diva also did the same –
    “Anyone wanna buy a cap ?”

    ( after Bob Again ).

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