“Den legendariske amerikanske rockmusikern…”

Some more from Sweden: documentary in Swedish radio P1, Frippe surely knows what the text means there… As someone in the newsgroup says: “The programme is based on interviews with MOI members and music of MOI and FZ. Its called a documentary but obviously translated to Swedish, and it includes the voices of Swedish (famous) actors.” Sorry, fellas: it was yesterday… Pardon me.

Hannes, Hannes! wake up! Its me Frank Zappa…

FZ: No. You dont. You havnt the faintest fucking idea what Im talking about, anyplace in Europe, not even in England. You dont have any idea and dont kid yourself.

FZ: I dont have any curtains. I have.. I have a nice.. I have a bay window which is looking out onto garden. The sky is blue, some puppy white clouds. Theres bunch of flowers out there and.. its pretty bright room. The only bright room that I hang out in. All the rest of the places where I work are pretty dark.

Some interviews from scandinavia…

It Can Happen Here

Hello kids! Since I haven’t had a chance yet to listen to this week’s Friday boot, here’s a fun exercise for you: have a listen and get me the setlist! First correct applicant wins a month’s worth of free Kegelmaster usage. Have fun…
Update, half an hour later: the publisher has some time to spare and copy/pastes the setlist from here. He sincerely hopes he hasn’t fucked up.

zappa.hu – in english

Oh, well, okay, its only a test-version yet, but we’re really curious about your opinion. After the hungarian-speaking www.zappa.hu we made it’s english-speaking brother, for your amusement – it looks just a little bit better. (Check out the hungarian connections.) Take a look, use it, criticise it… and: don’t forget to VOTE, there on the left side…

Abba To Zappa

Abba-to-Zappa the quiz, had me grinning from start to finish – in part I suppose because one of the little band-member puppets kept reminding me of this guy (have a look and you’ll know what I mean, unless you’ve never seen a porn movie in your entire life in which case I, well, admire your wholesome-nosity). Great stuff, give it a whirl – and tell me your scores! :-)

Aloha Zappa

In january this year, Dutch mag “Aloha” ran a nice posthumous article on FZ. Here it is, scanned: page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I may translate this one if the mood strikes me (in other words: look for it somewhere early 2010). Also, you may be interested in this (scanned) article from Music Technology, Feb ’87: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. (Found at zappa.com forums)

In Nieppe

Today was quite adventurous (Aujourd’hui c’tait l’aventure!)! Well sort of (Bin, plus ou moin). We crossed the border to Nieppe, France, to pick up a DVD containing FZ’s appearances on Saturday Night Live. If there’s sufficient interest (s’il y a suffisemment d’intrt), I could make a vine out of this (je pourrais en faire une chenille)… What say ye (qu’en dites-vous?)?