Free Speech!

“I’m neutral in this race but I’m for freedom of speech, which means people should be able to assemble and speak without being shouted down,” says Al Franken who, previously, had emerged from the crowd at a Dean rally and charged one male protester, grabbing him with a bear hug from behind and slamming him onto the floor. Aaah, free speech! I could tell a few stories…
(via xkot)

Monster Road Wins At Slamdance

“Monster Road”, the documentary on visionary ClaymationMeister Bruce Bickford wins at Slamdance. Co-producer Jim Haverkamp writes: “Bruce Bickford attended the festival and delighted the crowds with his dry wit and mysterious ways. Some lucky folks even got one of his homemade business cards, which are made out of a piece of foam core and contain a tiny clay dude.”

Not-so-good news at the Office

Don’t shoot the messenger! For those of you who are loading and reloading HotPoop like there’s no tomorrow, well: there’s no tomorrow. Or better said, there’s no friday boot today. Barry is totally *incommunicado* at work (no internet available) and asked me to let you all know there won’t be any boot today, and there won’t be any, at least, until the 10th February, when a new cycle in his *evilish* bandwidth-meter starts again…money is too tight to mention, Oh money money money… Let’s see the bright side of this: now, you have more time to enjoy the boots you already downloaded; you can also check how are the vines working (btw, Balint, your disks are on your way already!)…and…and…Maybe there’s a good show on the tv tonight?? I hate it when i’m this optimist, you know :-)

When Georgie Sings

When Georgie Sings, I don’t hear violins. Some catchphrases sadly missing:
– “Turrr’r” (“terror”)
– “Nuke’ular (“nuclear”)
– “El Kaaaah’duh” (“Al Qaeda”)
– “Uh’murh’ka” (“America”)
– “Puhhr’sdent” (“threat to rest of world”)
– “Maaah’ridge” (“hello right wing christians”)
– “Deee’ath Penalty” (“hello NRA”)
– “Faaaam’ly” (“daddy did I do okay?”)