3 thoughts on “Bediquette”

  1. Prodigiously wise thread! I particularly find farts very funny. You can even classificate them (you know, the “deaf” one, quiet, warm and lethal; the “circular” one, sonorous and odorless etc etc)
    In bed, specifically, is more a matter of a direction on the ventilation system than the act of farting itself. I don’t support fart-procastination; you can always find a way for not killing your partner from asphyxiation and still express yourself freely. IMO…

  2. I was in the waiting room at the doctors office last week and saw CNN mention the report about men making ‘dumber’ decisions when exposed to pretty women. Without thinking I commeneted out loud. “Since when has a man being struck stupid by a pretty woman been NEWS?” Got several laughs, especially from the women.

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