6 thoughts on “Friday Boot Vines”

  1. Luis: it means that the goods would be distributed via traditional postal services as opposed (or rather, complementary) to having them available directly via browser downloads. Snailmail is just your home address :-)

  2. Barry- I would be willing to add my address to the list. I live in the Northeast of USA. Let me know if the idea comes to fruition.

  3. Duly noted Mo, but: as far as I can tell, so far, there seems to be an absolute lack of interest for any such thing as a Friday Boot Vine. I’ll be giving people a couple more days to express their interes; if after that interest remains less than obvious, I guess I’ll just have to file this one under “No Commercial Potential”. Interestingly though, apparently, I get nothing but high-bandwidth readers around here! (*waves at the spanish/french zappa yahoogroup members*)…

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