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Geez, I turn my back on the computer for one weekend, and whaddayaknow: stuff happens.
Expresso generates music based on algorithms, often ending up with something eerily close to CPPIII,
– A reader told me he is “summing up the totality of Zappa’s albums on one single 78 minute CD, following the ‘reduction’ principle as defined by the french ‘Oulipo’ literary movement”,
– Naval Aviation In Art really does exist,
– BBC Radio 3 airs part one of a Zappa special, British Jazz purists are not amused.

Brand New Fotoblog

Sorongoblog: a blog project featuring the recent sport-art of soreting (in Argentina: sorete or sorongo=turd, hence the name of the sport-art). Los lectores de habla hispana podrán disfrutar, además, de consejos y secretos de composición de las obras. Los otros, se lo pierden.

13th anniversary tour…

Currently on their 13th anniversary tour, why not check out the muffin men on the 26th nov, if you’d like to hear some zappa music played, and sung, live in belgium. There are also various dates in germany, until 13th december, if that’s more convenient.

Der vaultmeister…

…is of course herr joe travers, aka the bucket and mop meister. So are there any clues to be found as to whether this is a mysterious misnomer, or an appropriate appelation ? In what is almost an eerie interview, there are some indications that this is not restricted to assigning new safe combinations, with a view to ensuring security of the vault. Also, one of the pages at united mutations has more on vaultmeisterly duties.

chuttt chutt

“We love it like this, we were wondering if we could change the font and the color, and can we move a few things around?”

Austrian Peefeeyatko

Some nice shots captured from Peefeeyatko, a documentary made by the Austrian tv about Synclavier composition techniques. Look at Zappa’s glasses! I’d like to see this program some time…

Barry’s Friday Poot

In light of recent bandwidth trouble, here’s the deal with the Friday Boots from now on: they will continue — but: each FB will be featured for 3 days max, depending on the situation. I’m sure this is going to piss off some of you (Isaac don’t loose that number, you don’t wanna call nobody else), but then again: you don’t have to pay the bills, so quit yer whining already.
Now then, allow me to introduce Barry’s Friday Poot. Whenever Gilles finds himself unable to present you with a boot here on KUR, I’ll sort of jump in and present you with my own Poot. This week’s Poot is Zappa acting as fraudulent DJ at BBC Radio One, January 27 1980. Enjoy!
Lastly: a warm thank you to those who have donated a couple of bucks to KUR (you know who you are!) — without them the FB would no longer exist.

Cosmik Debris

Now who you jivin’ with that cosmik debris

Zappa On Stamps

Which Zappa would you prefer to lick?
(from here, via Gilles)

A table!

The UMRK trattorie is serving You Are What You Is this month on their cutie Chrome Dinette. Great disc that features Heavenly Bank Account, Harder Than Your Husband, Doreen among other all time favorites. Don’t miss it if you don’t have it at home yet.

Baby Snakes: Decoding The Plan

I’m not sure if we posted this before, but hey, ignore me if we did: some technical info i obviously don’t understand, but you will surely find very interesting.

Jazz Is Not Dead…

… It Just Smells Funny! The Independent: “Having infuriated its classical music traditionalists, BBC Radio 3 has angered jazz purists among its audience by deciding to feature the rock icon Frank Zappa.” Nice to see Zappa’s music is still capable of pissing off certain people. :)

Bum Bum Ba Dum Dum Dum Dum

Feeling slightly depressed on an early monday morning? Join the Loyal Order Of The Water Buffalo. You won’t be disappointed.

Talking Bits

Now this is really cool! Frank Zappa serving as Fraudulent DJ over at BBC Radio One, January 27 ’80. Did FZ have a radio voice or what?

NYC DVD Nominee

The Halloween DVD has been nominated as Best 2003 “Made for Surround” Title. Ironically, some of the other nominees are Steely Dan, Sting and a group called Tipper. A review of the DVD can be found here. (Thanks, Balint)