A Copy Of Rolling Stone

Cpt. Beefheart on #58 with Trout Mask Replica. Zappa on #243 and #296. Help, I’m a Rolling Stone!

3 Responses to “A Copy Of Rolling Stone”

  1. ken duvall says:

    Those guys got it soooo wrong!!! I need to see FZ in the top twenty at least !

  2. Chico says:

    Zappa or The Mothers of Invention? I may have a bad memory but surely Freak Out! and We’re Only In It For The Money were Mothers albums. Rolling Stone seems to think so too.

  3. Henrietta McPhee says:

    I agree with Chico! The Mothers were a PROPER BAND while later combos were just FZ surrounding himself with yes-men. And YES MOI still knock Zappa solo stuff into a cocked hat.

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