6 thoughts on “Ultrasonic Cheese”

  1. Ain’t that a kick in the head? “Lonesome Cowboy Squirt spins tunes as DJ Sinful Beats!” How appropriate.

  2. Teehee. Let it be known that, under our real names, Dr Sharleena and myself spin tunes as (resp.) DJ Dangerous Bum and Sticky God. Hell yeah!

  3. Kinda lame.
    I tried the “Past Lives” job. I was either a Stingy Priest, or a Charming Rock Star, depending on whether I used my real given name or my Net handle.
    And really, aren’t they both one in the same?

  4. Under my real name, i was DJ Humble Poof, and as bertanya, i was DJ Premature Cheese. But this is just fate having fun with me, since if you check you spelt your name correctly, you get a new DJ name. e.g. bertanya has just returned DJ Stinky Cheese.

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