The Badge Madge, The Badge

MAdGE (Mothers Against Genetic Engineering in Food and the Environment) today launched a highly controversial billboard campaign in Auckland and Wellington to provoke public debate about the social and cultural ethics of genetic engineering in New Zealand: “Why not just genetically engineer women for milk?” (via mkt)

3 Responses to “The Badge Madge, The Badge”

  1. whatchamacallit says:

    “Why not just genetically engineer women for milk?”
    Exactly. Why not? As far as I can see they haven’t answered that question on their site. Not specifically however.
    Apart from “double the pleasure”, it saves you going out to buy milk for coffee, just squeeeeze it out!
    And I can’t wait to see all the new fashion, pr0n, push ups and surgery gadgets the industry will come up with.
    (Just a thought: maybe they should put the extra pair on the back, for balance…)

  2. Name Withheld says:

    Titties ‘n Beer? Too obvious…ILBT’s!!!

  3. Mo says:

    She gets the prize for the most exciting mammalian protuberances.