Moonbugs & Antidotes

A personal note: my band Moonbug has once again been selected for the WestTalent rock rally. Last time we entered back in 2001, we came in second to a group called “Lemon”, which subsequently got a record deal and a radio hit. We got an honorable mention as being “the Henry Rollins of the psychiatric ward” (little did they know we’d simply fucked up our closing tune rhythmically; they figured it was avant-garde). Not only that, our bassplayer Jan Goddaer (brother of Piet “Ozark Henry” Goddaer) has also been selected with his solo project “A Word Antidote” for which I’ll be playing guitar and doing vocals–on the same evening! The whole thing is taking place next October 18. Oh and next Saturday we’re having a gig in Kortrijk. Come cheer us on if you can!

2 thoughts on “Moonbugs & Antidotes”

  1. Would love to come and give you support, unable to this time round. Good luck and enjoy it.
    (note to self – MoonBUG, not Moondog).

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