The Leary Biscuit

Now, it’s pretty clear to all of us that Frank Zappa made concerted efforts to question authority. Yet another individual was also famous for questioning authority, on his own terms: Dr. Timothy Leary. I’ve discovered a recipe from the doctor himself ideal for those dedicated to those questioning authority under such terms. Add this little dish to your current Zappa-authority-questioning-type-of-meal, consisting of a strong cup of coffee and two or three Winstons, and you can start keeping score!

4 Responses to “The Leary Biscuit”

  1. Barry says:

    Have you actually tried the Leary Biscuit, Error500? And what were your findings?

  2. Error500 says:

    I, well……ummm….at least I thought I……..ahh……er, I forgot.

  3. dmt says:

    Dummy up!

  4. Bill Cosby says:


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