More Acid

Oh what fun it is to be sitting here, waiting until midnight before unleashing the next Friday Boot onto the craving masses. Ahem, Acid, Part Two

4 Responses to “More Acid”

  1. honester says:

    Many thanks again for the audio treat.

  2. Mario Fuente says:

    Thanks again Barry! “King Kong” is everything I hoped it would be. The quality’s kinda questionable from “Watermelon…” on, but by no means am I complaining!!! Please keep up the great work.

  3. Mo says:

    The way I see it,Barry- This is a real dynamite website.I just found it recently. Thanks for the (occasional python)boots!

  4. bertanya says:

    oh no, barry’s time machine is broken, or have you decided to wait for zen purposes ?

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