The Leary Biscuit

Now, it’s pretty clear to all of us that Frank Zappa made concerted efforts to question authority. Yet another individual was also famous for questioning authority, on his own terms: Dr. Timothy Leary. I’ve discovered a recipe from the doctor himself ideal for those dedicated to those questioning authority under such terms. Add this little dish to your current Zappa-authority-questioning-type-of-meal, consisting of a strong cup of coffee and two or three Winstons, and you can start keeping score!

Zappa Imagery Galore

I’m a little busy right now dear readers, caught up in deadlines and customer support and php scripts not quite behaving the way they ought to.
However! In the mean time, you might want to check out these mighty fine Zappa imagery links:

Thanks to Filipe Ceppas!

Q-What ?

Whilst reminding us not to distract any nearby dolphins – ‘Dolphins don’t automatically breath, they have to tell themselves to’, this page of facts also volunteers that – ‘Frank Zappa’s mother, Evelyn, invented the Q-Tip’. Well that dolphin fact is correct, but my researchs cannot determine the correctness of the fz fact, or even what a Q-Tip is. Any ideas ?

Poor Kid

The fastest way to fame, fortune, stardom and the psychiatric ward: (1) videotape yourself while poorly imitating a Jedi Knight (it helps if you look a bit goofy), (2) have the tape lying around, so your friends can put it on the internet for the whole world to see, (3) have the whole world make fun of you, (4) in rolls the money part one, (5) in rolls the money part two, (6) star in a movie!
Poor kid.

Note To My Neighbour

Note to my neighbour: your boomcar sporting soon-to-be son in law, who has everything it takes to feature in the next “Saturday Night Fever” remake except for looks, hair and a chin, was recently spotted by me while taking a leak against a front door just a couple of houses away. In broad daylight. Should he attempt this endeavour upon my property in the near future, please be informed that he will be greeted by a pair of professionally sharped scissors and a bucket full of fresh, homegrown urine.


You may have heard of Google’s AdSense contextual ad serving service for “small sites”. Rest assured, I’m not about to put ads on these pages, but curiousity led me to run through this thingee that shows what “personalized ads” would show up here, should I subscribe. Second hand vynil shops, Zappa portraits, as expected. Next I ran through it. Lo and behold. Eastern European Meats of all things?

Let’s move to cleveland

And why not, so here i am, on holiday, in cleveland, er, uk. The name of this song seems to be mutable, and have had an interesting evolution. Much the same as the original cleveland, which, (for at least this hamlet) was originally part of the north riding of yorkshire, before switching to teesside, then arriving at cleveland, and now settling for redcar and cleveland. Well that’s progress for you…