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Questi Cazzi Di DSL

No DSL at work for 6 friggin’ days already. So instead of surfing the web, I’ve been reading every single goddamn manual there was to read back at the office. Freehand? Pagemaker? 4th Dimension? Flash? XHTML? PHP? How To Build The Starship Enterprise From A Floppy Disc? No secrets there anymore, baby! The connection problem seems to have been solved this afternoon though, thank god. And now for something slightly more entertaining: a video excerpt of Zappa live in Barcelona, back in ’88!


The strapless, heaving, revealing History of Boobs. (Yes it’s Sunday, and no, I don’t have anything better to do.)

Masters of Spin

Citizens For Legitimate Government is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d’etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.” Meanwhile, Bush couldn’t care less.

Zappanale 14

Eugene Chadbourne and Jimmy Carl Black are both playing at Zappanale 14. Cool! Are you reading this, Doctor Sharleena? (Nappy will be there too…)

Zappa’s Universe

I’ve added a new article to the erh articles section, taken from Guitarworld, Feb. 1999. In it Steve Vai and Mike Keneally pay tribute to the memory of Uncle Frank. (Thanks to Fredunzel for sending me the scans.)

Ed Palermo Big Band RIP

From The Zappa List – Ed Palermo is calling it quits: “There are quite a few factors causing me to make this decision, but the long and short of it is this: 9 years is enough. Of course, Frank’s music is so beautiful and interesting, I could probably go for another 9 years, but the reality is this project eats up all my time. I haven’t composed a note of my original material since I started the tribute because I’m too busy arranging Frank’s. It’s time to go back to total anonymity playing and writing my own stuff.” The last concert is given on July 25 at The Bottom Line, NYC.

Miss Pinky

Must cut down on my Optional Recreation posts… Well okay, maybe just one more… (via Juul!), and this last one! (via Reverse Cowgirl)

In my imagination there is no complication…..

“Mr Selack, 74, a former music teacher, first realised “demons” were after him in 1962………” Oh Yeah!, a speedboat ! great idea !!.

take your clothes off when……, on second thoughts; don’t bother dear

“Ballroom dancing is the only physical activity which appears to keep dementia at bay. dancing involves precise physical activity, listening to the music, remembering dance steps and taking your partner into account, which is vey mentally testing.”
is it New Year, New York or new potatoes ?.

The Importance Of Being Earnest

By now some of you have generously donated to KUR. You know who you are. I want to a) give you a mighty big thank you, and b) assure you, I will not be using your donation for my next vacation to the Côte d’Azur, or anything. Whatever is donated goes right back into KUR. However, I have a little extra cookin’ for KUR donators – stay tuned…


The ever amusing has posted an mp3 of John Lennon & Frank Zappa doing a makeover of Baby Please Don’t Go. Slap me with a rubber chicken and call me an ignorant nitwit, but I hadn’t heard this before.

The Secret Word for Tonight Is: Bandwidth

I know this is getting old, but once again I’ve had to put the current Friday Boot offline because of bandwidth limits. Sorry about that. “Peepers Pt. 2 & 3″ was made available on June 13 (last Friday), and since then, the number of downloaded tracks has amounted to 9.5 Gigabytes worth of bandwidth. I dispose of 25 Gigabytes monthly bandwidth – make your own calculations… This, combined with the fact that TheBigNote’s Musibrarium also resides on this here very server, left me no choice. But you know, there’s always the *cough* PayPal Donate button to the left *cough*…

Entirely Too Much Pink

“Your hand is not designed to feel like a vagina. Not only is it not designed to feel like a vagina, it doesn’t even come close. However, there will be thousands of times during your life that you will use it as if it were a vagina. Sure it works, but there is something much, much better.”

Thunes, manning the house

Whatever happened to Scott Thunes? Scott has become a full time house man.

Street Cred

Sinds “Aan Tafel” kan Axl Peleman wat mij betreft qua street credibility wel inpakken. Mijn god, de ongelooflijk ondraaglijke lichtheid waarmee deze RockSter™ zich heden onder het kust-bezoekende plebs begeeft. “Kom van dat dak af!”; en maar knipogerig vals zingen! We lachen wat af, haha. Ik herinner mij een optreden van Ashbury Faith waar voornoemde Peleman zich, uiterst progressief, in volledige frontale naaktheid aan de mensheid presenteerde à la Red Hot Chili Peppers. Dat was 1996 of zo, en wij waren allen terdege onder de indruk. En toen belde de VRT waarschijnlijk; en nooit kwam het weer goed. What a dickhead.