Join KUR Staff

Aah summertime! Between Guacamole and Error500 off on holiday for the entire month of July, and Dr. Sharleena off investigating the promiscuous behaviour of one-eyed bisexual pinguins in lower Patagonia – things are getting lonely here at the office (how ’bout that Kegelmaster you say? Been there, done that). So if any of you would like to join our rockin’ teenage combo, by all means drop us a note

2 Responses to “Join KUR Staff”

  1. Dr Sharleena says:

    Be careful on how you call those penguins, Barry. They are pretty much sensitive… Promiscuous? You have to have just one eye, mind you! They do what they can, for God’s sake! Btw, i’m training a couple to answer the phone at the office soon. You’ll love it!

  2. Barry says:

    Sure I will. Phone rings; one-eyed bisexual penguin picks up. “Hello and welcome from all of us here at KillUglyRadio, jumpin’ through a hoop o’ real fire with some kleenex wrapped around the coat hang wire. Do you like bondage? A pile of dog biscuits you say?”

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