Cobo Hall

Cobo Hall, Detroit, Mi September 30 1977 is rockin’ Barry Towers at the moment. Enjoy…
Update: the links actually work now, ahem!

10 Responses to “Cobo Hall”

  1. Mario Fuente says:

    Barry–please, please, please!! Can you fix the links for “Tryin’…” and “Punky’s Whips”??? They’re not workin’ for me–all I get is, “hotcha–page not found.” Thanks in advance!!!

  2. Bill Colrus says:

    Thanks for the show! Link 4 still isn’t working…

  3. Barry says:

    The links for “Tryin’…” and “Punky’s Whips” have been fixed. It’s those damn apostrophes…

  4. OO says:

    Is Disco Boy only 285ko????

  5. Barry says:

    Yes. The “recording engineer” must have tripped or something…

  6. Nick says:

    Where’s the rest of Punky?

  7. Mario Fuente says:

    Barry–even with all the problems with this boot, I still wanna thank you for posting it–and all the others! Keep up the great work!

  8. Barry says:

    Will do! :-)

  9. Isaac says:

    The one thing I hate about this week’s bootleg is that “Punky’s Whips,” and “Disco Boy” aren’t preformed all the way through, or quite possibly, the bootlegger deleted the rest of “Disco Boy,” and only included the solo from “Punky’s Whips.” It’s really bad, ’cause those are the best ’70s Zappa songs, in my opinion. Also: Where are the vocals on “Envelopes”? I guess they preformed a coupla instrumental versions of “Envelopes” during this tour.

  10. Jon says:

    Well, what a nice site! I’ve been here a few times before, but just yesterday I noticed the section called “Hot Poop”. There was this nice little boot thingy called Pachuco Hop. I downloaded and it was great, a very good bootleg. So I started wondering about how long has this great service been availeable and how many great albums have I missed! SO, I was wondering are the past posts availeable anymore? anywhere? If not, I’ll curse myself for not exploring this site properly.

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