Join KUR Staff

Aah summertime! Between Guacamole and Error500 off on holiday for the entire month of July, and Dr. Sharleena off investigating the promiscuous behaviour of one-eyed bisexual pinguins in lower Patagonia – things are getting lonely here at the office (how ’bout that Kegelmaster you say? Been there, done that). So if any of you would like to join our rockin’ teenage combo, by all means drop us a note

Bump the Chump

Remember how some folks wanted to get rid of Clinton because he put that cigar where shouldn’t have? I think those guys need to get their priorities straight. A “preemptive war” seems to me like a more serious offense. George W. Bush must answer to the people! Here’s a suggestion for those of you displeased with his actions. Let’s at least try to pretend America still exercises democracy.

Rating Theory

Each FZ discography entry’s rating now also displays the number of votes/ratings made on the album in question. Rather than to turn the rating system into a FZ album popularity poll, the effect of this is that it shows which releases are (still) the most ‘controversial’. People who are very much against a certain release will be prone to add their (negative) rating, just as people who love the album would add their (positive) rating. Releases considered “lukewarm” will get less ratings. So, the number of ratings reflects to what degree any album agitates the young Zappa sophisticate. Right. If you need me I’ll be back at the laboratory crossreferencing suicide rates with the release of the newest Christina Aqui—Aggi—Aguisomething album.