Ginger Ale

Dr. Sharleena is feeling somewhat sick these days – yes, a maliciously stingy flue is getting the better of Our Precious Antarctica Based Embedded Reporter for the time being. I’ll be the first to help out: Sharl, just shake up the pale-dry ginger ale! Any other suggestions for fighting a mean flue, share them in the comments…

4 Responses to “Ginger Ale”

  1. zolarmud says:

    Herb Cohen, ladies and gentlemen…

  2. ian says:

    Oh Dear. Hope you’ll be feeling back on top form soon Dr Sharleena. I will resist the old adage “Physician heal thyself” (oops, looks like I didn’t mange to resist it after all !).
    As to what helps the flu – well bed rest if at all possible, paracetamol for the aches and pains, aspirin will help to reduce temperature. If it’s that nasty gastric type flu here’s a good tip – get someone to bring you a large bottle of Coke ( yeah I know, never expected me to be advocating horrid multinational products ) leave the top off the bottle so that the liquid goes flat, drink the said liquid once the fizz has gone out of it. Apparently, this contains the correct balance of electrolytes to replace those lost during gastric flu.

  3. ian says:

    On the other hand, if it’s a “stingy flue” that you’re suffering from, may I suggest a saline douche and some pessaries ;¬).

  4. Dr Sharleena says:

    Thanks for your advices, Ian, and your concern! I replaced the Coke with a vodka & lemon tho. It doesn’t have the electrolytes but i forgot about the whole damn flu in a minute! Guaranteed results :-)

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