365 Days

The 365 Days Project: “For the entire year of 2003 (January 1st to December 31st) this site will feature one mp3 file (every day) to download. Listeners of the incredibly strange and outsider realm take note, for this is the majority of material that will be made available. Obscure (and for the most part out-of-print) recordings will be the primary focus.”

Movable Tango

Those of you with a technical education can tell that only part of this site (namely the page you’re looking at, plus the discography pages) is currently running on Movable Type. I have finally taken the leap and am in the process of converting all of the site’s content to MT. Things might look a bit buggy in the coming days/weeks, you’ll know why…
By the way, if any MT-users reading this know of a good way to build photo galleries from within MT, please drop a comment, or mail me.
That is all. Now why do I feel like this has been the most boring post ever to appear in Hot Poop?

From the inbox…

“World’s Greatest Sinner Timothy Carey Film Fest! A festival of rare and previously-unreleased films directed by the late character actor Timothy Carey will screen Sat. June 28 at Maestri Gallery, 2024 Chester Ave, Bakersfield, CA, 661-335-0278. Films shown on June 28 will be “The World’s Greatest Sinner” (1963) at 7 pm and “Tweet’s, Ladies of Pasadena” (unreleased) at 8:30 pm. Also shown will be a documentary of the actor created by his son.” More info, contact this person.