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Web Fire Escape

I don’t know about this Web Fire Escape thing. Sort of takes the fun out of the forbidden fruit that is reading weblogs at work, while you should be doing Something Productive™. (via udn)

Once Again, Without the Net

No, there is no need to go into an epileptic seizure. You are looking at the all new, refurnished, bug & feature filled version of Hot Poop. At the time of writing, only the index page has been mod-o-fied. This, of course, will change in the coming days. If you have any comments, please do post them in the erh, comments. You may be wondering what that Weasels Ripped My Flesh cover is doing upthere to the right. Well, it does have a purpose, patience…


Michael Kenyon, get a load of this!

Zen Spa

Ah what I’d give for a nice little massage or some classical rock. Or both.

1px = 1m

When geeks have too much time on their hands, this is what happens. Way cool by the way.

Stairway To Heaven

Reader/forum member bertanya says “Hey barry, saw you say you’d not found any hotpoop today”, and points to this article: What’s the story behind Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”? Heck, I missed that one bert. Thanks!

No Kidding, Part Two

“The case for invading Iraq to remove its weapons of mass destruction was based on selective use of intelligence, exaggeration, use of sources known to be discredited and outright fabrication.” But hey, at least next time we vacation in Baghdad, we can have a burger at BurgerKing, right? Always look on the bright side of life.

Insert Funny Title Here

I have found nothing of interest on the internet today. I had a cheeze sandwich though, which was nice.

No Kidding

The Emporer Bush sez WOMD may not be there: “He tried to fool the United Nations, and did for 12 years, by hiding those weapons,” Bush said. “And so it’s going to take some time to find them. But we know he had them. And whether he destroyed them, moved them or hid them, we’re going to find out the truth.”
My bullshit detector hasn’t beeped so loudly since Clinton’s “I never had sexual relations with that woman.” (via different strings)
Can you say… impeach?

Friday Boot 2

New GFB online: State University of New York, Stonybrook, NY (Late Show)
October 15 1978. Do you know of a better way to kick off a Friday? I don’t.

Barry & Sharleena Discuss The New Layout

Sharleena:you think too vertical
Sharleena: it should be like it is now, but horizontal, not vertical
Sharleena: you would be having another band at the bottom;
Sharleena: and a big picture of Zappa’s nose on one side
Sharleena: OR MAYBE ON BOTH!!
Barry: you know, i’m starting to realize:
Barry: my libido reveals itself in vertical design,
Sharleena: yes, your libido
Barry: while you display your libido by including GIANT NOSES in everything you design
Sharleena: hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha
Barry: IT’S TRUE!!
Barry: jesus christ on a bike you know what?
Sharleena: what?
Barry: just publishing this conversation would be highly entertaining HP material

Fast War, Fast Food

“Basra: Fastfood giants Pizza Hut and Burger King have set up their first franchises inside war-torn Iraq, even as many aid convoys waited on the borders for the war to officially end.”
Sounds like an Onion headline? Think again.

Only The Lonely

Ulli’s Roy Orbison In Clingfilm Website


Is it the springtime? Have I finally gone insane? Yes: it’s redisignitis time. I’m tired with the current look of the site, so I’m working on a new look. If there’s anything you want added/changed/suggested/etc, drop a comment. And NO: I’m not getting rid of the red background. I love red…

Mystery Meat

Some rare Zappa mp3’s, featuring a promotional version of “Lumpy Gravy”, instrumental “My Guitar” version, plus “Ancient Armaments” and “Falling in Love Is A Stupid Habit”.