Oh boy

“Decades of budget cuts in education are finally yielding results, a fact confirmed by CNN’s poll of March 16, which shows that an astonishing 51 percent of the public believe that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was responsible for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.” Ouch

2 Responses to “Oh boy”

  1. ian says:

    Now that’s enough ! You’ve taken things too far this time, I will not tolerate any more of this anti-American bias which has insidiously crept into the hot poop postings.
    As a loyal British subject I have a SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP with these morons and I will not hear another word said against them !

  2. Javimulder says:

    You get wonderful as much as hateful people everywhere you go…
    No point in getting upset because some poll says some of your friends are stupid…

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