Ottawa ’76

Pictures of Frank in Ottawa, 1976. Hey, we can post a non-war related entry as good as the next guy. Thanks Dirk!

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  1. SOFA says:

    Aw, I’m disappointed. I thought surely the clever staff of KUR could have found some way to focus on those pictures, and still shit on Americans.
    You guys are on the cutting edge of an exciting – tho’ not particularly new – trend!
    Why stop now?
    Hi Boys and Girls, I’m SOFA, the American of the Group…

  2. Dr Sharleena says:

    I’d like to make clear: my objective is not to shit on Americans. I for one, don’t want to do that, i’m rather shitting on a war their government is making. I’m annoyed about the things governments do without the consentment of their people. And i know about that. I am from a country in which that’s the usual situation. I also understand that discovering the fact that the common citizen can’t do anything to change that (without being arrested, etc) must be sad for a people that always believed in the freedom of speech. But that’s the sad truth. I know there are many Americans that are against the war. That’s what’s the deal we are dealing in…It’s better to know it.
    I also understand the Americans that support the war just because they have a brother or a son in the troops. I can understand, but that does not justify, in my opinion, supporting this war. Once again, i’d like to clarify i don’t shit on Americans. I shit on governments that make things without consentment of their own people.

  3. Barry says:


  4. SOFA says:

    I understand…
    It’s a lot like the casualties inflicted by “friendly fire”. Sort of an inevitable circumstance of the circumstance…
    I know that you’re not shitting on all Americans – just their government.
    I guess I’m just a casualty of “friendly shit”. Since I live here, and those ass-wipes calling the shots are MY elected representatives (regardless of whether or not I voted for them, or whether I agree with the policies/actions), I am guilty by association.
    Or so the majority of links you present here would have anyone believe… I merely state my perception based on what I read here.

  5. Barry says:

    Point taken, Sofa. This blog is admittedly and inevitably erh, shall we call it “slightly Euro-centric”. Ya know, I’ve said this before: you’re most welcome to post on H.P. anytime…

  6. Dr Sharleena says:

    “I am guilty by association.”
    You are not guilty by association if you don’t want to be, Sofa. I don’t consider all Americans are responsible for this war; as i said, i’m very acquainted that people can’t do too much to change things govs do (see this terrible statement posted in The Booge recently). In almost every country, in my country, in your country too.
    The majority of the links posted here are meant for fun, and not for shitting on anyone particularly. I’m sorry if that was the impression from what you read… I consider the people reading this as friends; and i like to have laughs with friends (and not to laugh AT them)
    But life is not just fun, you know? The times to come are gonna be very tough, the rules are changing, better said: there are not gonna be rules for the times to come. We have this wonderful tool, the internet, to interact; if there’s something i notice that could be interesting to consider, even if it’s something hurtful, it is my duty as a friend to point it out; i’d be a hypocrite if i wouldn’t do it. It’s an act of love doing it, because you want the best for your friends. I don’t expect from my friends to be complacent with me. And if you can contribute to abroad their minds offering a diferent point of view, well you have to do it, IMO. That’s what good friends do…

  7. Barry says:

    That’s what friends are for! Sing it with me!
    Which, as we are conveniently OT by now, reminds me: that song was sung by Dionne Warwick together with someone else… who’s that other person? I lay awake nights trying to come up with an answer to that…

  8. pat says:

    elton john

  9. Dr Sharleena says:

    You did it again..! Now i’ll have that stupid song stucked in my head the rest of the day. *hrrumph*
    This is my reply (insert Whitney Houston style here):
    Oh I wanna dance with somebody
    I wanna feel the heat with somebody
    Yeah I wanna dance with somebody
    with somebody who loves me
    don’t you wanna dance
    say you wanna dance
    don’t you wanna dance
    don’t you wanna dance
    say you wanna dance
    don’t you wanna dance
    don’t you wanna dance
    say you wanna dance
    don’t you wanna dance
    don’t you wanna dance
    say you wanna dance

    ad infinitum…
    Sorry, YOU started!

  10. SOFA says:

    “Sorry, YOU started!”
    Careful, Sharl, you’re starting to sound like the US government! ;)
    I will continue this at the Forums, where this stuff rightfully belongs…

  11. Barry says:

    Full coverage here

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