Tell me about your childhood…

I recently shared this with SOFA and in his maroon, cushioned greatness, he suggested I dish it out for all the Hot Poopers.

Okay, a little background info: I received one of those fraud-type-letters-promising-enormous-riches almost identical to the very first entry. With a healthy dose of skepticism, I used a search engine to find out more info about a Pedro F. Hasler, and discovered this funny exchange. I know, there’s a lot to read there, but it’s worth it. C’mon, it’s the weekend.

6 thoughts on “Tell me about your childhood…”

  1. Who’s ever ‘playing’ Dr. Freud, with his faux German accent, is simply too brilliant for words! Check this out, by all means!

  2. My friend Karl has a great site related to Nigerian bank scamming, you can check it out here. He has had quite a long (and similar) adventure. It’s also a really great looking layout.

    He also has links to a few others who have scammed the scammers. Some have even been able to get the actual scammers to stand in front of hidden cameras! It’s a riot, I love these stories…

  3. Thanks guys, for sharing these websites. They are a blast! I have received some of these mails and always wondered what the scam was about. The Wendy Wilcox story is particularly choice

  4. It is a pleasure to know that the internet provides a great platform for witty people to help stop con artists and warn the desperate people in dire need of some extra bucks of the dangers involved with such scams.

  5. DebK, I agree. Wendy Wilcox is by far one of the best. I keep trying to start a “conversation” of my own with these guys, but I have discovered two things that make it difficult to get passed the first few emails; First, they only consider ‘serious’ people the ones who send in the initial FAX, and I don’t have the nerve to do it. And second, there also seems to be a “second” corespondant, that is, once you send in the FAX, you are passed off to some secondary contact who continues the alias contact.

    Another interesting thing I did when I got a few of these. The people they make these claims in the name of, that is, ‘the dead guy’ is really someone important who just passed! I thought that was kind of funny, makes them more credible indeed. One of mine claimed to be some high ranking general who was recently killed in Kenya and sure enough, I googled the guy and he was indeed recently assassinated! Scary stuff…

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