Next Season KUR Uniforms

Yes, yes, i am aware you guys are still in winter; but you know, i’m in charge of the company public image, and i’m already thinking on next summer’s uniforms for our staff: here’s how to tie Rokushaku Fundoshi loincloths (via attu blogspot), although we’re planning to print, in the front, the motto: “KUR: always a Burnt Weenie Sandwich Ready For You”. KillUglyRadio continually in fashion’s avant-garde!

5 Responses to “Next Season KUR Uniforms”

  1. Barry says:

    Good God, the things Dr. Sharl makes us wear…

  2. dmt says:

    Oh, Jeez – I think I’ve got mine on backwards. Ouch!

  3. Bob Again says:


  4. ian says:

    Hmmmm, the KUR Sumo basho ?
    Stuff up the crack[s]!

  5. SOFA says:

    My Japanese friend visiting this weekend says that some traditions are best left to evolution – this is one of them.
    My friend is a 45 year-old male who has never worn one voluntarily, and doesn’t intend to anytime soon.
    I dunno, the one woven from grass seemed sensible for those of us who tend to fart a lot…

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