Anyone in The Carnegie area?

A very interesting concert is scheduled on March 2, 2003 at The Carnegie Hall: “Zappa and the Emerging American Composer”. Here are some comments from Gail related to it.
Hope someone can enjoy it! (let us know if that’s the case)

6 Responses to “Anyone in The Carnegie area?”

  1. ian says:

    unfortunately, not me.

  2. dmt says:

    A tourist once asked a native New Yorker, “How does one get to Carnegie Hall?” He replied: “Practice, practice, practice!”

  3. david skigen says:

    got tickets! can’t wait to hear how they perform “Peccary” and G-spot!…will let you know…

  4. Barry says:

    David: send us a review, okay?

  5. Bob Again says:

    Pop-up alert! Watch out for Gail’s comments article.

    Seriously, this sounds like a very dynamite show. I, like the others, will be looking forward to your review, David.

    I remember when I first heard Jazz From Hell, I was disappointed. It all sounded cold and without personality. It sat collecting dust for years. Then along came Yellow Shark and the G-Spot finale. Three words – WOW! Personality! (that’s two) Like Frank’s work always does, it led me to look back and turn my perceptions inside out again (again) and Zingo! Jazz found itself near the top of the pile! I hope ACO is able to pull it off. What a treat!

  6. david s . says:

    will get ya review!

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