Next Season KUR Uniforms

Yes, yes, i am aware you guys are still in winter; but you know, i’m in charge of the company public image, and i’m already thinking on next summer’s uniforms for our staff: here’s how to tie Rokushaku Fundoshi loincloths (via attu blogspot), although we’re planning to print, in the front, the motto: “KUR: always a Burnt Weenie Sandwich Ready For You”. KillUglyRadio continually in fashion’s avant-garde!

Cultural Penetration (OT, Slightly Biased Post)

Nobody gives a shit about the Bloggies, EXCEPT when a cool, fine weblog like Korochi Industrias is nominated as best Latin American blog for 2003!! Congrats Lucas!
Go ahead, cast your vote, and support a tiny argentine industry (gift-wrapped opinions manufacturers) with just one click. If you don’t get a thing of spanish, believe me, it’s the best! (anxiously awaiting for Korochi t-shirts, posters and mugs flooding the anglosaxon markets :-)

Don’t Mention The War

Let’s not kid ourselves: it’ll be war by the end of next month regardless of any UN reports or anti-war protests. So from here on, I promise to Not Mention The War any longer. Instead, I’ll just feed you with links that I hope will take your mind off it momentarily. Your first stop should probably be The Vomitorium. Next, you gangsta rap lova’s might find this version of HotPoop a tad bit more oldskool. A must have appliance is the Rocking Horse Shit Turbo Extractor. And finally, the State Of The Union Drinking Game should keep you entertained (and increasingly drunk for that matter) on this day.

Starting a new HotPoop campaign

Some time ago, I’ve found an interesting English blog from two newyorkers crazy enough to live in Buenos Aires. This post clearly shows what could be any usual day down here…because the majority of the houses has a bidet and it use is widely spread. Doesn’t seems to be the same in America, although I wouldn’t be replacing the bidet with toilet water (yuk!)
Bidets may be good for your Hemorrhoids too. Think about it!

Clear The Air, Not The Room™

About GasBGon: Truth is, everyone has flatulence and passes gas an average of 14 times a day. Granted, some people are more frequent and odiferous than others. Research indicates that the GasBGon cushion actually absorbs more than 90% of the odor emitted for most end users. This is the result of a carbon filter that has the equivalent surface area of a football field.