Farewell Marc Sleen

Marc Sleen, one of Belgium’s most prolific comic authors is retiring on this day. Which is sort of sad, because I grew up with the adventures of Nero, Petoetje, Petatje, Madam Pheip, Clo-Clo and Tuizentfloot (my favorite!). Part of the fun in this comic has always been the cameo’s of wellknown public figures, including Frank Zappa. And now it’s time for waffles!
(Links courtesy of Joeri a couple of comments back :-)

No War.

If you consider a “pre-emptive” war against Iraq (or any nation for that matter) a reckless, dangerous, potentially catastrophic, and downright stupid endeavour as I do, then please leave a comment with your name/email and why you oppose against it. Consider it a poor man’s online petition. Say NO to war. We can’t just sit around and let this happen!