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Happy New Year!

As bleak as the coming year may look to be, I wish you all a very good 2003. With lots of Zappa. Lord knows, the world needs more Zappa. Have fun!

Stayin’ Alive

Geez, you mention the Bee Gees ONCE in your weblog, and people start finding your site with the following Yahoo-search: i like to listen to beegees and abba songs in audio. Well that’s a coincidence: I like to listen in audio too!

Farewell Marc Sleen

Marc Sleen, one of Belgium’s most prolific comic authors is retiring on this day. Which is sort of sad, because I grew up with the adventures of Nero, Petoetje, Petatje, Madam Pheip, Clo-Clo and Tuizentfloot (my favorite!). Part of the fun in this comic has always been the cameo’s of wellknown public figures, including Frank Zappa. And now it’s time for waffles!
(Links courtesy of Joeri a couple of comments back :-)

Farewell beloved CDs

“One can’t help thinking that reducing a music collection to gigabytes of compressed data on a memory chip is rather missing the point. That’s because, quite simply, there is much more to a music collection than just music.”

FZ Painting

Yours truly has recently acquired this wonderful painting of Frank Zappa created by artist Dennis P. McCann. You’ll never hear wallbedekking again!

More linkage?

Think there’s not enough links at killuglyradio? Say No More.

Traffic Cone Preservation Society

“Until the late 20th century, traffic cones were not thought worthy of scientific study. It is the Society’s mission to counteract these centuries of neglect.”
The site includes adoption kits to help you adopt your own traffic cone, a field guide to identifying the cones, a pictorial history, and more. Visit now and make your good action of the day.

Django Style

On my 2003 To Do List:
– Learn how to play Django Style
– Successfully fool myself into believing I’ll pull that off.

No War.

If you consider a “pre-emptive” war against Iraq (or any nation for that matter) a reckless, dangerous, potentially catastrophic, and downright stupid endeavour as I do, then please leave a comment with your name/email and why you oppose against it. Consider it a poor man’s online petition. Say NO to war. We can’t just sit around and let this happen!

Rooting Out Evil

Rooting Out Evil is sending a weapons inspection team to the United States to inspect the chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons produced and concealed by the Bush regime. Heheh, excellent idea.
(Thanks for the link SOFA!)

Oil Wars

Wearables & paraphernalia for progressives

The First Human Clone

You gotta hand it to them: perfect timing. I bet it looks just like its mommy. Or maybe it looks just like Michael Jackson. Boys from Brazil, anyone?

It’s the honker

Making a drawing of Zappa is not easy. I’ve tried and always get the nose wrong for some reason. You’ll find this to be the hardest part to get “right” when drawing. Michael Keropian’s sculpture however, caught the infamous honker completely as it should be.


It’s the latest craze: the inflatable church. “You will soon be able to tie the knot wherever
you wish!
” I wonder if the man of the cloth inside is equally inflatable.



Big bunch of funny or strange imagery that you can annoy your friends inboxes with ;-)