Shut Up ‘n Stop Playin’ Yer Guitar

Top 50 worst guitar solos of the millennium. Frank Zappa clocks in at #11 with Willie the Pimp: “Captain Beefheart does his Howlin’ Wolf thing for a couple of minutes before allowing Zappa to launch into a grueling 7+ minute blues yank- off. Conventional and repetitive, this kind of blatant disregard for economy would influence a lot of really bad extended soloing in the years to come.”
I, for one, am all for a blatant disregard for economy!

2 Responses to “Shut Up ‘n Stop Playin’ Yer Guitar”

  1. ian says:

    ah, critics ! dontcha just love ’em ?
    (eh, no).
    regardless, I think Franks solo on WTP is mighty fine.
    Phil Manzanera – not exactly a slouch when it comes to spanking the plank – acknowledges the complexity of this solo and admitted that it defeated him.
    anyone willing to give it a go can find it in the TAB book of Hot Rats ( available from all good music book stores ).

    (noticed that Peter Frampton and Toado also made the list).

  2. Bob Again says:

    I’m reminded of a college band director’s retort to a hockey coach who had criticized the choice and timing of music played during a clloege hockey game – “What does a hockey coach know about music?”

    What does an economist know about guitar solos?

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