The Confederacy goes to the movies!

“After 22 years in development hell and a high-profile lawsuit between Hollywood heavies, David Gordon Green (“George Washington”) has been tapped to direct the adaptation of John Kennedy Toole’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.”
If you haven’t read yet A Confederacy of Dunces go running to the library and get it! It’s a must read! I wonder who’s gonna be Ignatius Reilly in the film…(the largehearted boy seen it first)

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  1. SOFA says:

    The good Doctor has no idea what this thread means to me…
    A close friend gave me my first copy of COD wayyy back in ’89. It is my all time favorite book – bar none. When the snow flies up here in the great white north, I pull it out for my yearly read; this January will be my 14th go thru – and I STILL laugh out loud at parts!
    When the book was still relatively new to me, my friend (who introduced me to it) and I would spend hours “casting” it as a movie! Our best selections for the role of Ignatius in ascending order: John Candy, John Belushi, Avery Schrieber. Notice that all of these guys are dead? Too bad…
    I will wait and see (and pray) that this thing comes to fruition. The problem with making COD a movie is the sprawling nature of the story itself; to really do it justice, the film would have to run 5 – 6 hours long. So the challange is: what do you cut out to bring it in at around 3 hours? Believe me – not an easy task…
    Oddly enough, I’m holding in my hand a screenplay (yes, an actual screenplay) of COD that was done in 1990 when Orion still had the rights. I haven’t read it yet. Maybe it will be my annual read…
    Thanks for posting this Sharleena. And the rest of you reading this, follow the good Doctor’s orders and read this book at your earliest convenience!

  2. Dr Sharleena says:

    Had no idea, lol…When i was reading the book, several years back, i was always saying to me: “this should be a movie! this SHOULD BE A MOVIE!” Unfortunately, i’ve lost my spanish copy (lent it to a friend, but i can’t remember whom! :-) I’ll be getting an english copy soon -saw it in a bookshop here the other day.
    Yeah, i thought about John Candy too for Ignatius role…Too bad the guy is dead…

  3. Dr Sharleena says:

    oh, and yes: making it a movie must be a tough task. Too many details worthy!

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