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Note to self

Note to self: must try this out sometime. And not these.

Flame Warriors

If you’ve ever visited a newsgroup or a chatroom, you’ll know of the existence of flaming. Flamers fall into categories, such as the ALLCAPS, the troglodyte, the Netiquette Nazi, the Profundus Maximus and my favorite: Big Dog and Me-Too.

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Caetano live

Don’t miss this beautiful live footage by brazilian artist Caetano Veloso… The second theme, Sozinho (Lonely), i couldn’t ever find edited (i think it’s not), just listened to it once, on the tv. It’s so nice…Thanks Mr Luba for posting it.

Cleavage D.I.Y.

You there with the craving for cleavage: go make your own!


Knowing you knowing me, dear reader, this could get interesting: how perverted are you?

Watermelon, anyone?

·Steve Vai remembers Frank Zappa Classic Trax;
·Watermelon Tab-lated for those of you who know what to do with those digits;
·and a real life story with a zappian athmosphere.

Zappa is God

It’s official: Zappa is God.

Life’s Unanswered Questions

Here’s some:
– What is the parking situation like at the Special Olympics?
– If you don’t pay your exorcist, do you get repossessed?
– What would happen if: Everyone was to flush their toilet at the same time?
– When lightning strikes the ocean why don’t all the fish die?
Got some unanswered life questions yourself? (Don’t ask: why does it hurt when I pee? You know damn well why.)

Fuck That Job “Job hunting daily is bad enough without having to deal with employers who want you to speak Swahili for low or no pay.”


Break free of the chains of open-mindedness! Throw down the shackles of undiscriminating tolerance! Refuse to endure another instant of sanity-eroding idiocy!
In Praise of Close-Mindedness

Pee Movie List

How mentally warped are you, when you intend your site to be the world’s most comprehensive and thorough guide to urination in cinema?

Shut Up ‘n Stop Playin’ Yer Guitar

Top 50 worst guitar solos of the millennium. Frank Zappa clocks in at #11 with Willie the Pimp: “Captain Beefheart does his Howlin’ Wolf thing for a couple of minutes before allowing Zappa to launch into a grueling 7+ minute blues yank- off. Conventional and repetitive, this kind of blatant disregard for economy would influence a lot of really bad extended soloing in the years to come.”
I, for one, am all for a blatant disregard for economy!

Hu’s On First

Heheheh, that was funny.

Semen stains – FAQ:
What if the item to be tested is too large for shipping?
You have two choices here; 1. you can cut out the stain and send it to the lab; or 2. We can send you a swab kit that contains everything you will need to swab the stain and ship it to the lab.

The Confederacy goes to the movies!

“After 22 years in development hell and a high-profile lawsuit between Hollywood heavies, David Gordon Green (“George Washington”) has been tapped to direct the adaptation of John Kennedy Toole’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.”
If you haven’t read yet A Confederacy of Dunces go running to the library and get it! It’s a must read! I wonder who’s gonna be Ignatius Reilly in the film…(the largehearted boy seen it first)