3 thoughts on “Realistic Internet Simulator”

  1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you.

    I understand there is a sign in the audience that once again says: “What’s the secret word for tonight?” The secret word for tonight is “POP-UP’S!”

    Now, let’s get serious, ladies and gentlemen, I know you came here to see really FINE performances by a really FINE modern music ensemble, conducted by a really FINE conductor. And here comes the FINE conductor now, BARRY, ladies and gentlemen!

    And if you feel like throwing underpants onto the stage, put ’em over there.

  2. I killed 46 pop up’s!! Aren’t you proud of me?? Barry, you should have warn us one of those horribles blue screens were going to appear…Some of us are having PCs out here, mind you! Now i’ll have nightmares…(quick, where’s the windows-to-mac converter switch!?)

  3. What are they thinking?

    Our dear friends at MS are flooding the airwaves with pop-up’s for the new version of MSN. A fat guy in a blue butterfly suit!! They caught my attention, but not my interest.

    Here’s an idea for cross-marketing. Why not give the fat blue butterfly a Big Mac to munch on.

    Putin, please pass the poison gas!

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