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  1. Here’s a good one for ya!
    I recently was in a singing competition in Battle Creek, Michigan. Battle Creek is the home of the Kellogs Cereal empire (the story of whacky Dr. Kellog was recently told in the movie “The Road to Wellville”).
    On Sunday morning – after partying vigorously Saturday night, I sat in a very exclusive restaurant for breakfast. You should have seen the waitress’ reaction when I ordered Cheerios. LOL! I made quite a fuss…
    It probably ruined her day. Made mine, tho’.

  2. LOL! I think though, as a proper FZ fan it would have been in line for you to order a “75รง glass of orange juice about as big as your finger and a bowl of horribly fore-shortened corn flakes. You could have ordered Post Toasties and the effect would have been much the same!

  3. I have a question How long has it been since
    Kellogs stopped making Corn Soya cereal? I
    know that it has been a great many years ago
    when I talk of this ceral I receive strange
    looks as what is corn soya.
    Thanks Duke Moloci

  4. Why don’t they make Corn Soya any longer? Also, what was the recipe for the candy using Corn Soya? I think it was “Haystacks”. Am I right?

    If so, does anybody have the recipe for the candy? Please email the recipe to me at jenn3@earthlink.net and I’ll try to substiute the Corn Soya for another kind of cereal. Thank you.

  5. My mother and i have a saying when something great is ignored and/or discontinued: “it went the way of Corn Soya”. Kellogg was years ahead of its time! Let’s start a movement to get them to make it again!

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