Uncle Meat Mystery Digits

From Reilly Joret: I just had a question concerning Uncle Meat. I was looking through the cd booklet and on the back there are small pics of the band members (and their teeth) as well as a skull. My question pertains to the numbers both under the pictures and on the skull. Do you know what these stand for or if they have any meaning whatsoever?
Umm… nope, not a clue. Which is why I’m posting the question here… anyone?

3 Responses to “Uncle Meat Mystery Digits”

  1. YellowMud says:

    Wisdom culled from a certain newsgroup: Ben Watson suggests that the number on the skull (1348) refers to the date of the Black Death in Europe, and certainly the date is correct. The other numbers appear to be insignificant…

  2. NoPLasticRobots says:

    As far as I know, the year on the skull is the year of the Black Plague. I don’t know about the teeth.

  3. DebK says:

    There is a clue in The Real Frank Zappa Book. In it he chronicles his painful adventures with an Italian dentist. (Who’s drill went voodun, voodun, being belt driven – see Greggary Peccary). Makes me shiver to think of it, cause I remember when dentists didn’t use painkillers. Also, I seem to remember an article somewhere in which Cal Schenkle said there was a dentist’s office in the building where he had his studio at the time and a lot of this stuff was left there and he decided to make a collage of it. I wish I could remember where I read this.

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