Shitty Politics

“Banks have been ordered to remain shut until Friday, when Congress is due to have completed its debate of the proposed legal changes.
The bank closures were ordered to prevent panic withdrawals by account holders who, rightly, feared that high-level talks to restart aid payments to Argentina would fail.”

Don’t let this ever happen in your place.

3 Responses to “Shitty Politics”

  1. Barry says:

    That is one shitty situation you’re having overthere, Dr Sharleena. Take care, and don’t get caught in one of those protests; I hear local PD are rather trigger happy…

  2. DebK says:

    Yes, do be careful, dear! As usual the banks and government (corporations) fail and the common folk pay. Only in your situation it is all over the country!

  3. Dr Sharleena says:

    Thanks, my friends.
    This is really unthinkable, last friday evening there was this rumour (*banks are gonna be closed till tuesday*, later turned out to be friday) so people went to the cash machines and take out all they could. If you couldn’t get a cash machine with some money, you get fucked up for all the week, with nothing more than what you had in your purse. For an entire week, in all the country! I’m planning to stay retired at home this end, cos i think it’s gonna be dangerous just to be in the street…
    About the police: ah, they love to hit people! I won’t be there for them tho’, no, no, no…I know them from long time ago.

    Sometimes i think, if you have lived here, you can live wherever. What doesn’t kill you, makes you tough!

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