Here’s the original post

Here’s the original post Ed Mann made on AFFZ
A couple of quotes:
To put some theories to rest:

1) I was not resentful of Scott having the Clonemeister position because I wanted it myself. I tried doing that gig in ’78 – didn’t like it becaue it set me apart from the band.

2) the whole hating Gay people thing – nonsense. I have many gay friends. I don’t care if someone is Gay. Even Larry Griffith- who used to torment me by sticking his finger in my ear, I didn’t like that but I do like Larry.

I did not like the way Scott was choosing to lead the rehearsals, and I found it difficult to be in such a severe atmosphere on a daily basis.

The thing that I, and as I remember it – others – felt mostly, was being hurt that FZ would create a situation where he know there was a lot of suffering and unhappiness, and just let everyone stew in it. Every band needs a Leader – and in Frank’s bands the leader could only ever be Frank. Someone else could conduct the rehearsals, but without Frank we would not all have been there in the first place.

It’s an interesting read, for sure…

Cool! There’s finally a

Cool! There’s finally a dutch YahooGroup dedicated to Frank Zappa, and it’s called NederZappa (sort of like NederWiet, but without the buzz). I found out about the Group because someone there had posted a link to TheBigNote, which is residing on my server. I of course joined the group immediately (just bearly managed not to shout “Vloerbedekking!”), and have invited their members to join the Kill Ugly Radio Forums.
Apart from that, I’ve also sent messages to and The Zappa List. We’ll see what happens!