zappa releases some more

Non-americans having trouble pre-ordering the latest Zappa release from Barfko Swill, can do so at The good people at Planet Zappa have posted what they think the playlist of FZ in Australia will be. Meanwhile, Gail Zappa has apparently teamed up with a couple of musicians (Bill Rhoads and Rika Iino) who run Sozo Arts. This site offers releases for about a dozen artists including Ornette Coleman, John Zorn… and Frank Zappa. They might eventually distribute the entire output/catalogue of FZ. Are you with me still?

One thought on “zappa releases some more”

  1. I guess I’m like everyone else, I don’t know WHAT to make of this. We will have to wait until they actually post some FZ stuff there. If anyone catches them posting some FZ stuff, let us know.

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