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Real or Fake? Make

Real or Fake? Make your guess with the Breast Test!

Update on the usenet-thread,

Update on the usenet-thread, a couple of posts ago: Here’s some amusing affz-posts culled together by Dr Sharleena! Got any more? Send me a note, or post in the comments…

Shit happens. Since this

Shit happens. Since this page is called Hot Poop, why not post some shit-related links every once in a while.
This page suggests that somewhere between 40 to 67 pounds of fecal matter was apparently found lodged in the respective colons of John Wayne and Elvis, at the time of their deaths. Now since man genererally consists of 75% water, this would lead to the conclusion that both these american icons were composed out of not a lot more than water and shit! The page also has instructions on a kit to build your own John Wayne/Elvis Presley.
But fair is fair… you might also consider the Snope’s take on it
(thanks to eff for the links)

Ok, these are the

Ok, these are the consequences of having been playing with that immortality site…Somebody sent to me a mail (I swear, I have never registered in no place) with this link: H+Forever, which says “The discovery of doctor Volkov is a hydrogen bomb, which will explode in each man, renewing all mankind.”
I’ll take the occasion to say: I don’t wanna live forever! I wanna die like everybody else at my turn! Don’t send me more immortality tricks, you evil docs…

This is very cool

This is very cool (and a little creepy): Google’s overview of 20 years of usenet, dating back to ’82, when the internet was nothing but a bunch of geek infested newsgroups. First mention of Britney Spears! First mention of Osama bin Laden! First mention of The Simpsons!

Dr Sharleena passed on

Dr Sharleena passed on a link to this cute little test to me, asking if I thought it appropriate for HotPoop. The premise of the test is this: For many years musicians have believed that the ability to recognise the pitch of a note is essential for becoming a musical genius. For example it is well known that the young Mozart had perfect pitch & he was able to replicate many compositions just from listening to them.
So how’s your feel for pitch then? I got twelve out of 20 right myself…

“He looked pretty unhappy

“He looked pretty unhappy about being followed out, and he really wasn’t into the idea of another “photo-opportunity”. I was just focusing my portrait lens on him as he began to yawn, with my free eye I noticed the other guys lower their cameras…”
These are Phil Franks’s notes on shooting the Chunga’s Revenge Album Sleeve. All the site is worth visiting!

At last a new

At last a new social conquer for us girls: women with beards! I’m thinking on having one of those cool mustaches Zappa followers have…:-)

Google, sweet Google gives

Google, sweet Google gives us this: La Manera La veo, Barry! – This very page translated to spanish for our hispanic readers. Tell me Dr Sharleena: does it make any sense in spanish?

Awsome flash games from

Awsome flash games from My preferred ones: Hydrophobia and The Perilous Voyage, but my scores sux… – What’s new:818 – What’s new:818 PUMPKIN Message Today:
“You’ve reached 818-PUMPKIN. Happy new year and best wishes from all us in 2002. For those of you who have been wondering you will be happy to know that there will be a new release by the end of February!”

Go take The ZappaMeter

Go take The ZappaMeter Test why don’t you!

Did you know that

Did you know that Cynthia PlasterCaster is well and still working on her “babies”? There is a cockumentary released this year about her story and works of art. Interesting facts in her cast list: there are casts that Herb Cohen never returned to her (!?) and boys she tryed to cast but fucked up the molds (i wonder the reasons why :-) Take a minute to know part of the history of the girl who immortalized band members members.

The task: to develop

The task: to develop an odor so universally repulsive it would be considered unbearable by people from all cultures.

Oh boy oh boy.

Oh boy oh boy. A new lay-out at The Big Note just days ago, and already they’re putting up about twenty exclusive Zappa/Zappa Tribute tracks. Check out The Musibrarium for exclusive Zappa Real Audio and MP3’s from Porn War Jam, Pachuco Hop, Nasty Rats, and other live performances. What’s more: there’s a mailing list you can join so you’ll be notified when new tracks are added!