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This one is a

This one is a little addictive: The Anonymous Message Server.
You feed it with a message which will then be displayed to the next visitor; and once you’ve posted your message, you get to see what the previous visitor posted. I of course posted “Zappa Is God”, and the message I got was: “why is guilt such a nasty disease?”
The internet is full of surprises!

Due to 11th September

Due to 11th September events, the US Nation pulls together, and stands…stands? whooa, there…!
See also how New Yorkers are trying hard to get back to normal…(yeah, you have to skroll down to search the article cuz i couldn’t make it a link, help, barry, help! :-)

In a more mundane

In a more mundane level, this is what a scientist has to do to keep his beer cool inside a hot shed: a jet powered beer cooler! Don’t try this at home, specially with some South American beer brands…

Zen. Blessed Relief.

Zen. Blessed Relief.

Some girls have all

Some girls have all the luck…Last night, the Jedi Master begged for sex. In his own words: “The Dark Side… would I embrace to get in her pants. Centuries has been… since Yoda last used meatsabre. Yes. Yes.” This kinda experiencies make you tough…May The Force be with You, Yoda.

How rumors start in

How rumors start in the office:

Last moment news: thanks

Last moment news: thanks to HotPoop and the Pajama Party Connection, some undercover agents have found Osama bin Laden location!!! The agents were undercover with their own anchors & teddy bears pajamas, they had a big time indeed!

Osama “Sammy” Bin Laden’s

Osama “Sammy” Bin Laden’s Intercave Memorandum:
Big thanks to Omar for putting up the poster that says “There is no I in team” as well as the one that says “Hang In There, Baby.” That cat is hilarious. However, while we are fighting a jihad, we can’t forget to take care of the cave. And frankly I have a few concerns.

and more…Next December 2

and more…Next December 2 there will be in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the annual tribute to Frank, a special event organized by the zealous zappafan Marcelo Gasió.
The tribute will include special videos never seen here before and the band Mongo playing Zappa covers. The place is The Cavern Club, at 8 PM. Don’t miss it if you are around! More info in Marcelo’s site, a nice place to visit…

On New Years Eve

On New Years Eve in New York City at the Lion’s Den, Project/Object will be performing with longtime collaborator Ike Willis and Napoleon Murphy Brock. The Don and Bunk show featuring Original Mothers Don Preston and Bunk Gardner will be opening the evening. For more info visit Tickets can be purchased at

Britney Spears, this time

Britney Spears, this time on HotPoop’s headlines: she was responsible of a mass male head explosion!!
Take care with that tight shirt, girl!
Ooops..! she did it again…!

I of course turned

I of course turned out to be syphilis. How about you?

Tired of those bored

Tired of those bored documentaries about python naps and wet seals? This dauntless photographer has caught wild toilets in their own environment, and lost his life doing it! (don’t look at this if you are impressionable)

Did you know there

Did you know there exists such a thing as Bromidrosiphobia?
There is also Epistemophobia (fear of knowledge), Euphobia (fear of good news), and of course: Gallophobia (fear of french culture)!

I’ve stuck the link

I’ve stuck the link to the Archives page on top, because it was a little hard to find it at the bottom of this page… and since I was somewhat bored I added a short HotPoop about page for your perusal.
Slow day in the office, can you tell? ;o)