Yorcivil Major Works Contractors Framework Agreement

YORhub is a founding member of the National Association for Construction Frameworks (NACF) and represents the region in this influential national institution which, through the firm`s office, shares best practices with other major construction centres in the UK and government. YORcivil Major Works is an accredited NACF (kitemart√©) executive. Council member Chris Matthews, head of strategic management at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “It is fantastic that so many small and medium-sized businesses in the Yorkshire area and Humber are benefiting from this new framework in exchange for creating hundreds of jobs and local places for apprentices and students. YORcivil Major Works is a collaborative regional construction framework for the provision of major civil engineering and highway works worth more than $10 million to 22 local authorities in the Yorkshire and Humber region, other regional public sector bodies and organisations in the third sector. It is managed on its behalf by East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Sheffield City Council. The setting is managed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Sheffield City Council. The YORcivil framework has so far maintained 2,200 jobs and provided more than 18,000 weeks of learning. The new framework is one of the YORhub frameworks including YORbuild2 for construction work, YORconsult2 for construction consulting services and YORcivil2, available for engineering/highway work up to 10 m and for surface work. The Council said it wanted to create a framework for public institutions in the Yorkshire and Humber region, as well as in the Sheffield Local Enterprise Partnership area. Mark is an integrated engineer with more than thirty years of construction experience in East Yorkshire.

Since its inception in East Riding in 2000, it has been involved in the development of important framework agreements for both consultants and contractors in the field of civil engineering work and has been an important member in the development of YORhub`s current framework. Sheffield City Council has begun looking for contractors working on a $2 billion civil framework. This new framework will further enhance the benefits of YORcivil2, which will reduce costs for customers and improve project quality and program updates compared to traditional individual acquisitions.

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