Vistex Rebate Agreement

Displays only the open agreement terms that are attached to the agreement. The search for text objects can be done independently of the work bank of the agreement through the /IRM/CGV transaction. The button is used to display the homologation phases that the agreement has passed. It also shows the dates and times when the authorizations were issued, as well as the person who defined the status. Owner role options are set in the configuration and selected at the time of agreement. If no reference type is selected, the field for the new agreement is set to “Reference” by default. In this section, the agreement can be searched on the basis of several criteria. The grouping code is used in government pricing applications to group existing contracts or agreements to calculate and determine the best price. There are situations where a company sets aside funds waiting for money that needs to be paid out on the basis of an agreement. In this section, there are fields where it is possible to follow both the real and expected means. Reference 2 is the agreement number of the agreement that has been copied.

The agreement type indicates the type of contract used for the respective IP application. There may be one or more types of agreements for sales discounts and the corresponding type is selected when the agreement is concluded. The date type indicates different types of dates that can be tracked with respect to contractual transactions. For example, a date type for “r;renewal notification” can be maintained to track and report processing times related to contract renewal. The remittance process only begins after the company has sold the product/services to the customer. This process includes creating a sales order, delivering goods, and producing a de facto receipt. These represent the sales documents and serve as proof of sale. Origin is used to show how the agreement was received or how it was entered into the system.

For example, was it received via EDI, fax, or the web? This tab is only available if the agreement type is configured in the configuration for use of the new pricing engine. The company pays the sales discounts on the basis of an agreement between the company and the customer on the discount conditions of the items. The agreement summarizes the price conditions of the positions and the billing parameters. Any agreement can involve a large number of customers or a single customer. Agreements may be limited to the national, local or site-specific level. Reason for review If a request for an agreement is established and reserved to revise an existing agreement, a reason for revision may be selected. This reason then settles in the agreement itself, i.e. “the participants added or removed”. For the agreement type, a configuration is required so that the quick enforcement clause types can be displayed in the “Quick Replace” pop-up window. This configuration is done at the configuration step to maintain the agreement types for sales discounts/2.

In addition to the configuration, some additional business improvements are needed….

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